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President's Message

Victor R. GainesGOING!!!

Never has a single word been so powerful where the Association and FAMU Bands is concerned! We all know that when we hear the word, it means something special to us. It generates excitement, causes us to focus more, puts us in a mindset that absolutely NOTHING is better than what we’re about to show you!

You would hear, "Going!" before the DM’s whistle at pregame/halftime.

You would hear, "Going!" when we get ready to line up and leave the band room for Bragg Stadium.

You would hear, "Going!" when we are running through our shows for (hopefully lol) the last time.

As we go through this football season without our band on the field, let us not forget that our band members are STILL in the classroom, and need us just as much as we need them. They need our financial assistance in order to pay for classes, purchase textbooks and assist them in completing their matriculation at FAMU. We need for them to do well in school, so they can become productive citizens of society, FAMU graduates, alumni band members, and ambassadors of the "Incomparable Marching 100!"

"WE" includes not only FAMU band alumni, but FAMU alumni and friends/relatives who love the band!

Take a few of those dollars that you may have spent on travel this fall and pay your dues!

Sacrifice a lunch, and give $10 a month to our "10 on the 10th" campaign!

Give a current student that you know encouragement during a time in which they really want to be on the field, representing us in a positive way, and lastly...

Pray for the Champion family and the students involved in this tragedy, that we can become a better people, a better organization, and a better University.

"Dedicated to SERVING!"

Victor R. Gaines
President & Chair, Board of Directors
Marching 100 Alumni Band Association, Inc.

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